Did you know that from 1950 to 2015 the amount of garbage produced by people increased from 1.5 million tons to as much as 322 million tons? Overwhelming, considering it's only half a century old. However, there is a way to gradually but systematically combat this problem. It is enough that we start by changing simple daily activities while maintaining life comfort.


Interested? Let us introduce you to a new brand whose team has decided to reconcile the daily habits of their customers with the protection of our beloved planet. Cleopatris specializes in products ideal for maintaining beauty and health. Our products are created for the most demanding customers. The raw materials we use are biodegradable, safe to use and 100% ecological.


We are not guided by mediocrity, but a fresh and creative approach to the needs of everyone. Cleopatris has targeted the good of man and the planet so that we would live better in a place that accepts us instead of fighting us.


But enough theory - let's get to the specifics! 


Reusable Make Up Remover Pads

Daily face care is very important for maintaining good skin condition. Cleopatris combined this fact with environmental protection, which is why we received an organic product for all skin types.

By joining us you will receive all the necessary components for care and makeup removal in a spacious and creative vanity case made of bamboo wood.

Are you nervous when you can't find the currently needed item? Or maybe you forgot to buy another pack of disposable cotton pads? Relax, with Cleopatris you have everything at hand in one place. The only thing you need to do after removing makeup is to put reusable bamboo cotton pads in the washing machine.

With us, your daily routine will become a pleasure!


Three layers for better water absorption

Perfect dimensions

Useful hooks and durable bamboo


Save the planet...

Save your money...

Choose wisely!


Our eye makeup remover pads have not been tested on animals; Our simple makeup remover wipes are crafted from only materials that are 100% safe for human use. Less chemicals in production means that our reusable cotton rounds are better for the environment.

With the included bamboo box to organise your face cleansing wipes and other items, this is complete solution to keep your makeup pads tidy; It also make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who wants to leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

This kit of 16 makeup wipes is packaged in a tasteful bamboo travel case and also comes with face towels, cotton buds and a laundry bag. The durable and spacious vanity case is perfect for traveling. Take it wherever you want and enjoy your holiday.

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